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Charles Lightwalker       Creating Change

Charles Lightwalker, Intuitive Reader/Shamanic Practitioner/ Ordained Minister

Reiki Healing Arts

Reiki Healing Services


I offer Reiki Healing sessions for those in need of healing, centering and overall health & wellness maintenance.

Sessions are: 1 Hour - $90.00

Session 1 and half Hours- $125.00

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I also along with Serena LaSol teach the Reiki Classes that can lead to Mastership of the healing art of Reiki.

Level 1 Training- $125.00

Level 2 Training- $125.00

Level 3 Training- $125.00

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All levels of training come with hands on instruction, attunement, and course material & handouts. One must complete one level before moving on to the next level of training, and one cannot become a Reiki Master, or Reiki Master Teacher without the proper training and understanding of the Reiki healing system, and its protocols. As in any healing system it is important to completely master the techniques and protocols required to perform the healing system correctly.