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Charles Lightwalker, Intuitive Reader/Shamanic Practitioner/ Ordained Minister

Ceremonial Arts & Instuction

Ceremonial Arts

One can learn the art of creating and doing ceremony, by working with a Shaman, Medicine Person, or Ceremonial Leader.

A ceremony is sacred time set aside to perform actions that bring about transformation for those participating in the ceremony. 

All ceremony should start with silence, a tuning into nature, the surroundings of where the ceremony is taking place, and all ceremonies should include offerings, and gratitude.

Any one who wants to learn more about ceremonies/rituals, should approach the subject with purpose, intention, and an open mind. 

If you would like to learn about ceremonies, contact me to start the process of becoming a Ceremonial Leader. email me; or call me at 509-389-7290.



Ceremonial Healing

Every good shamanic practitioner knows that it is not they themselves who heal. The power of Spirit acting through them accomplishes this.

Without the cooperation of the client, the healer has not the power to heal.