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What is a Shamanic Practitioner

December 17, 2016

What is a Shamanic Practitioner?

A shamanic practitioner can be male or female. The shamanic practitioner was one of the first healers among the population who inhabited the earth over 1 billion years ago. In all cultures, the shamanic practitioner was visibly present and well known until organized religion became popular. Through wars and assimilation, the shaman was edged out by organized governments, healthcare, religion, education, and economic systems. The shaman never left, instead the dominate social and political leaders deemed them unskilled, uneducated, and unworthy. Despite the changes in our society, the shamanic “way of knowing” and use of natural energy to heal people is sought around the world in all countries and cultures.
Shamanic “Way of Knowing” to Heal
A shamanic practitioner’s nature is to help people to manage life experiences, circumstances and all physical, emotional, and spiritual relationships. Shamanic practitioners can feel the unhealthy and healthy energy in relationships with people, animals, the environment, community, society, and most importantly with self.
A shamanic practitioner uses healthy energies to heal and create harmony between a person’s soul and the physical world. A shamanic practitioner instinctively recognizes pain, deep emotional wounds and soul loss. The shaman uses natural resources such as wind, fire, water, and earthly items to remove emotional, physical, mental and spiritual blocks that prevent people from fulfilling their soul’s purpose. The earthly items shamans use to heal are based upon vibrational properties. For example, drumming, rattles, crystals, singing bowls, flowers, essential oils, and feathers are just a few items often used to address pain and wounds.

Shamanic practitioners differ from modern healers when they use unseen energy from other realms. Shamanic practitioners have the ability to travel backwards and forwards in time to work with people’s spirit guides to reveal blocks or soul loss. Shamanic practitioners use journeying and other mehtods to meet with the people’s guides to gain the knowledge needed to manage the relationship that is causing the block.
A shamanic practitioners cares about the health of your soul and uses unseen energies to heal. A shaman seeks to help you build oneness and heal circumstances that make you feel separated from society or from self. A shamanic practitioners will teach you how to care for yourself, show you how to meet your guides, and will help you see the miracle inside waiting to burst forward. A shamanic practitioner’s first concern is for you to be in harmony with your soul.


Ceremonies & Rituals

December 17, 2016

Ritual and Ceremony:

Ritual and ceremony are powerful tools for honoring life transitions, empowering a life vision, supporting healing and other general empowered intentions. Ritual is an essential and sacred part of life and community that has been relatively absent in our modern culture. It is time to reclaim the art of ritual and ceremony in our lives and remember what has been forgotten. The conscious alignment with the creative powers of the universe, as we see mirrored in the natural cycles and seasons of nature in sacred wheel of many traditions, and as quantum physics now affirms, allows us to move in our lives as the master we are. I can train you, and support you in returning this art into your life. I am also available to provide ritual and ceremony facilitation for the important life and spiritual events in your life and community.


Whenever you perform a ceremony, you are gathering power and faith from the ceremony. This is powerful.

When you focus your attention on your ceremony, this opens a channel to your faith.

If you believe 100 percent in what you want to accomplish with a ceremony, you multiply your intent.

When you pray, you commune with Source (God, Great spirit) Prayers create a bridge that goes from the real you into spirit.

Prayer and ceremony offer an intense action to stop the voice of knowledge from abusing the emotional body.



Common sense is wisdom, and wisdom is different from knowledge. You are wise when you no longer act against yourself. You are wise when you live in harmony with yourself, with others and with all Creation.

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